Adventure in Zadar


Adventurers: people who love nature and are impressed by it. Brave men and women who climb in caves and swim in rivers. Who prefer to write their own story rather than listen to other people’s stories.

Become an adventurer with Falkensteiner in Croatia!



What the Alps is to the French, Austrians and Swiss, the Velebit is to the Croats. It’s a mountain that creates feelings of admiration and humility. The best way to explore these magnificent mountains is to join our adventurous off-road programme. This programme is ideal for those who prefer getting their hands dirty and exploring villages off the well-beaten tourist paths. If adventure is your middle name join us in exploring the wild side of the Velebit mountains!


Travel in an off-road vehicle through the Velebit mountains

Beautiful views of Velebit summits

Organic picnic in pristine wilderness

Visit where Winnetou was filmed



Discover the beauty of nature in a different way along the breathtaking river Zrmanja.

Did you know that Zadar gets its water from this river because it is so clear and clean?

The rivers in the continental part are lined with dense forests and mountains. Those near the sea have green banks and deep rocky canyons. The average difficulty level of whitewater is III, only on the Dobra and Una rivers you can expect whitewater level IV.

You will quickly learn to master a sit-on-top kayak to slowly travel down the gorge. These two-person kayaks are very stable and easy to manoeuvre, with a waterproof 25 litre container for the safe storage of your camera and belongings. After rowing along easy rapids for an hour, you can visit the beautiful Krupa waterfalls. More waterfalls and rapids await further along the Zrmanja river. No previous experience of canoeing is necessary. We use two-person kayaks, on request with a child’s seat, which can be controlled easily and safely. You will be given a paddle, life vest, helmet, and wet suits and rain jackets in case the weather is a little damp.

Canoe: You will travel the river in canoes under the guidance of experienced canoe guides. You do not need any previous knowledge. Children from 10 years of age accompanied by adults can also participate.


Row along the rapids and waterfalls of Zrmanja river

Swim in the Zrmanja and Krupa rivers

Visit the Velebit National Park


Welcome to the world of kitesurfing at the Croatian/Kiteboarding school in Nin, near Zadar – an adventure full of wind and water. Kitesurfing combines lightness, weightlessness, action and competitive spirit with fun. From the introduction for One-Shot Kitesurfing to the advanced Kite-Surfmania School, Nin has suitable solutions and programmes. The lessons take place in the sandy lagoons surrounding Nin. This is one of the best kiteboarding opportunities in Croatia! All courses are held by VDWS – a member of the International Kitesurfing Organization. So you can also get a kitesurfing licence.  You will also receive an international kitesurfing licence at the end of the course.


Slip through narrow cave paths!

Modric cave was discovered in 1995 and opened to the public in 2004. It is a pristine natural phenomenon 20 minutes by car from Punta Skala. Because of its specific micro-climate, Modric cave can only be visited in smaller groups accompanied by expert guides and cavers who share their experience and knowledge with visitors.

Experience one of the most beautiful caves on the Mediterranean. The cave Modric is 829 m long and rich in cave jewellery. It is not illuminated, but participants will be given helmets (equipped with lights) and suits. It is an interesting experience because you have to slip through the cave even in narrow parts.

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Falkensteiner Club Funimation Borik

Majstora Radovana 7 | 23000 Zadar

Tel: +385 (0) 23 337 760

Fax: +385 (0) 23 337 761


Discover the world of caving

Visits are in small groups so visitors can get close to this newly-open, natural ecological feature

The temperature is above 17°C throughout the year