Both the Residences edel:weiss and the Residences Senia were designed by a team of international star architects. The South Tyrolean designer and architect, Matteo Thun, is not only responsible for the internal and external architecture of the Residences edel:weiss, but also for some of the internal design in Punta Skala, more precisely for the Hotel & Spa Iadera. Boris Podrecca, Beate Mitterhofer, and Gretchen Alexander each added a very personal touch to Resort Punta Skala. 


Architect Matteo Thun planned the Residences edel:weiss at Katschberg in accordance with his manifest for building in the Alps: a warm building integrated into nature, constructed of wood and sustainable materials.

The two apartment towers mimic the shape of pine cones. Ingeniously engineered, the spectacular facade of the edel:weiss towers is conceived as an enveloping structure made of vertically aligned wooden diamonds enclosing capacious balconies that run, ring-like, along the entire perimeter. Large glass fronts bring lots of light and the spacious bounty of the mountain panorama into every edel:weiss apartment. 


Contemporary design, high-quality natural materials, warm colours. The interior design of the Residences edel:weiss combines modern living with the unique charm of the Alpine mountain world. Unprimed wooden flooring, walls in pleasant earth tones, exclusive design installations in clear shapes and high-quality furnishings warrant pleasurable living that meets the highest standards.


"The sea horizon demands the consistent reclining orientation of all the structures", says architect Boris Podrecca, explaining the basic rationale behind the architectural concept in Punta Skala. This creates a symbiosis between the natural environment and the building. The entire ensemble, ranging from the apartment building to the hotels, harmonises, and is subject to the same quality requirements. 

The design of the rooms takes diverse needs into close consideration. People who are seeking rest should feel just as much at home here as children who put the resilience of the materials to a daily test. The interior of the Senia Apartments is of the highest quality. A modern, yet timeless design determines the effect and many practical details simplify life.

Special attention was paid to the conception, the selection of materials and workmanship.