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A new standard for lakeside living

The luxury of choice

Select the apartment that best suits your preferences. Falkensteiner offers Residences that cater to a wide range of needs. Experience the advantages of lakeside living in a setting designed just for you.

1 bed room

2 bed rooms

3 bed rooms

Find the solution that best fits your needs.

Interior Tour

Step into your future home

Explore the nuanced elements that make our residences truly distinctive. With thoughtful room distribution and a variety of floor plans, our spaces are designed to optimize function while exuding elegance. Revel in the natural light that brightens each environment, and appreciate the blend of quality materials and innovative design that elevates everyday living.

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Terraces and rooftops

Private openair rooms

Enhance your living experience with our expansive terraces and rooftop spaces that extend your living area into the outdoors. These thoughtfully conceived spaces serve are perfect for morning coffee rituals, sunset viewings or hosting family’s intimate gatherings under the stars reflected on the Lake Garda. An en plein air room to use all year round.

Private Pools

Elevated tranquility

A personal body of water elevated above the ground, this exclusive feature allows for uninterrupted moments of peace. Some of the apartments of Falkensteiner Residence Lake Garda are equipped with rooftop terrace pool, which transforms the living space into a private resort accessible whenever you want and whenever you need, directly from your home.

Riviera sensations

Refined living Inspired by the lake atmospheres

Apartments’ finishes inspired by the Riviera del Garda, crafted from the finest natural materials for an elevated living experience.

Get inside

Dive into the unique environments that Falkensteiner Park Residences Lake Garda has to offer.


Get inside

Dive into the unique environments that Falkensteiner Park Residences Lake Garda has to offer.




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