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Falkensteiner Residences Senia

Relaxation and well-being on the Croatian Adriatic Sea
Listen to the waves gently lapping at the shore, feel the soothing sea breeze on your face and consciously perceive the expanse of the turquoise-blue Adriatic Sea. In the comfortable Falkensteiner Residences Senia you can sit back while enjoying the maritime spectacle – from the terrace of your own holiday apartment. Far enough away from everyday challenges, but still arrived at home.



The horizon of the sea demands a continuous, horizontal alignment of all the structures, says architect Boris Podrecca, explaining the basic idea behind the architectural concept in Punta Skala. The result is a symbiosis of natural environment and building. The entire ensemble, from the apartment building to the hotels, harmonises with each other and is subordinated to the same quality standard.


“In Punta Skala, together with international experts, we have implemented a complex system that minimises our “”ecological footprint”” in the long term. 


A water treatment plant provides the water needed for daily use on the holiday peninsula and generates energy for heating or cooling.


In addition, a fully biological sewage treatment plant ensures a careful approach to the environment.”

Falkensteiner Resort Punta Skala

Arriving on the Punta Skala peninsula means leaving everyday life behind and immersing yourself in a special holiday world. Embedded in the beauty of the Croatian landscape, surrounded by the glittering Adriatic Sea, a premium resort awaits you that leaves nothing to be desired.

Interior Design

When designing the rooms, a lot of consideration was given to different needs. People looking for peace and quiet should feel just as comfortable here as children, who put the resistance of the material to the test every day. The interior of the Senia Apartments is of the highest quality. A modern yet timeless design defines the effect and many practical details make life easier.

Special attention was paid to the conception, the choice of materials and the craftsmanship.

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Arrive, unpack, feel good: The Falkensteiner Residences Senia are your home right by the sea.

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Himangi Zanpure-Sattler

Head of Residences Sales
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