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Eco-Luxury by Design

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The Premium Living concept

Next-level second home

The residential and hotel project embodies the essence of the Premium Living concept, harmoniously blending Nature, exclusive Services, and high-quality Design. This triad forms the backbone of an unparalleled lifestyle experience. Through this synergistic blend, Falkensteiner Resort Lake Garda amplifies the already high quality of life associated with Lake Garda, making it a benchmark for luxury living.

Living a natural oasis

Every day sustainability

At Falkensteiner Residence Lake Garda, residents experience the ultimate privilege of living in true harmony with nature. The architecture itself is thoughtfully designed to blend with the natural surroundings, using native materials and featuring abundant vertical greenery on the facades. Typical local tree essences are mirrored in the swimming pools nestled between the residences, fostering a sense of daily relaxation. Here, families can immerse themselves in a lifestyle that highly values outdoor well-being, with dedicated green spaces for sports and play, all in a completely car-free environment.

Signature architecture

Conscious Design

Matteo Thun & Partners, globally renowned for their steadfast commitment to sustainability, have artfully designed a wellness resort that includes Residences and a Hotel. Situated by the lake, this sanctuary merges luxury with a deep respect for nature, offering a conscientious yet indulgent retreat. It embodies a modern vision of balanced living, seamlessly harmonizing environmental responsibility with exceptional comfort.


Conscious design is driven by a vision of a more human and sustainable life.

The Art of Landscape Design

An ecosystem with attention to the smallest details

Proap, the international studio, is behind the design of Falkensteiner Resort Lake Garda, a project that maintains environmental integrity while elevating usability and aesthetic appeal. It’s not just a resort; it’s an ecosystem meticulously crafted to harness the transformative power of nature, aiming to evoke unparalleled emotions and experiences for every visitor.


Landscape Architecture implies a confrontation with the territory, a dialogue that seeks to reconcile the natural world with human intervention.

Five star comfort close at hand

The hotel next to your door

Adjacent to the residences is the Park Hotel Lake Garda, which allows to transform a residential oasis into a 5-star heaven: thanks to the hotel’s premium amenities, is possible to enter another dimension of luxury. The hotel’s presence is discreet and ensures residents maintain their sense of privacy. Additionally, the hotel is a convenient option for welcoming guests close to home.

Falkensteiner Premium Living benefits

A place made for your comfort

Enjoy pure freedom in your own four walls according to the highest Falkensteiner quality standards: a maximum of quality of life, lifestyle and comfort results from the upscale design and access to the infrastructure of the neighboring Falkensteiner Hotel.



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